Semilla de diente de león

Greetings from the Oracle!

The ancestors are strongly present with us as we move forward in 2015 and I am writing now to facilitate some preparation for new growth which is enabled on Saturday (1-24) as we enter into the 13 day cycle (trecena) of K’aat, or seed. Saturday is One Seed in the Maya system, and thus opens 13 days of planting and… Read more →

051231 sun (by-sa)

9 Storm

Greetings from the Oracle on this day 9 Kawoq’ (Storm)… a mix of powerful energies swirls around us, pulling us to RELEASE RELEASE RELEASE!!!!!!! A powerful New Moon at 0 degrees of Aquarius allows us to drop heavy things, old things, and to lighten our load. The number nine is tied to the Maya concept of the underworld, patience, and… Read more →

visionary art by Isabel Bryna

Year of the Wood Ram

Greetings and LOVE from Gaia  I have been ravenously studying Chinese astrology this a.m. in anticipation for the Chinese New Year (2-15-15). I am preparing to welcome the year of the Wood Ram! Wow. So, this will surely be an action packed year. For starters, we are in double 8 territory, as the Ram is the eighth sign in the… Read more →

9 Death

Today is 9 Cimi, or Death; a very powerful Maya calendar day, which combined with the energies of this potent full moon for releasing inspire me to share this with you. There are 9 lords of death, all present with us on 9 Cimi. Death is embraced as the necessary compliment of life and endings are welcomed and honored, as… Read more →

Greetings to all on this Full Moon

Akashic energies are how the plant and animal world are expressed in the earth’s crust as minerals. You may have found a fossil or even some amber on your property or ancestral lands. This is Gaia speaking to you, reminding you of what lasts and what does not, and her loving recycling ways. The sacred spiral is embodied here. Read more →

Greetings 2015 and greetings all loved ones

The Gaia Earth Oracle is present and humming in resonance as always, sending many thanks to all vibratory beings, including the mineral beings that accompany us in this short life and then go on to others Quartz is powerful! It can bring a rainbow into your home and heart Be sure to clean your stones with sage smoke or clearing… Read more →