Crocodile Animal Totem

On this day, 12 Imox (Waterlily Crocodile) I bring to you a few words on the crocodile totem: A transcendent symbol of the earth, many ancient cultures have revered the crocodile as a primordial ancestor. In Mayan cultures past and present, mountains are seen as the back of the great earth monster, embodied in a giant croc. These animals are… Read more →

Mayan Day, 6 Ts’ikin/ Eagle

Today is the day 6 Ts’ikin (Eagle), according to the Mayan calendar. The sign of the Eagle is a powerful call to perspective: It brings the power of the hawk’s eye to reveal our realities and contexts from a great distance. The Eagle unifies heaven and earth, also bringing stability and abundant harvests. An excellent day for negotiation and mediation,… Read more →

Animal totem wisdom, The Pelican

Pelicans are grandiose and powerful flyers, sailing on coastal headwinds; they are capable of flying so close to the water that the tips of their enormous wings practically touch the sea. Among the many messages from the pelican are those of Persistence and Good Cheer: The pelican persists in diving, time and time again, into the sea, with great force… Read more →

Eccentric Mayan Flints

2 Flint Blade

Today is the day 2 Tijax (Flint Blade). Complimentary qualities of dark and light as seated in the number two assist the power of the flint blade in slicing away all that is no longer needed, illness, negativity, bad luck, and difficulty. A purifying bath, a fire, a good house smudging are indeed in order on this fine day, 2… Read more →

Ancient Mayan Jaguar God Art Print

11 Jaguar

Today, 2-3, is the Maya calendar day 11 Ix (Jaguar), wonderful day to work with inner power, the earth and forest energies, and the four directions. A nocturnal animal and a powerful totem, Jaguar’s energy assists us in managing and adapting to change, and in listening to the subtle signs of nature all around us. In Kundalini yoga tradition the… Read more →

Huichol Deer

4 Deer

Tomorrow, 1-27, is the day 4 DEER in the 13 day cycle of SEED… This is very auspicious. The DEER sign is related to the four directions, the four sacred trees which hold up the sky, duty and responsibility to community, leadership, firm foundations, silent movement, zero impact movement/ harmony with nature. Use the energy of 4 DEER to SEED… Read more →

Magnolien Samen

Enter One Seed

ENTER 1 K’AAT, or ONE SEED. We have 13 days of supported growth. You are a seed! Your life’s projects will define the width of your branches. You will grow in a pot in an urban space or you will grow free – all choices are good, all choices are yours. Choose the best nutrients and conditions for your best… Read more →