Robin Animal Totem

The robin is always a welcome sight in the springtime, a common and abundant migrator who arrives in the north to cue the beginning of the real spring thaw. Robins are about abundance, new projects, earth power, and root chakra grounding and aligning with the heart. The oval shape of the robin’s body communicates the power of the great cosmic… Read more →

Crow Animal Totem

Powerful, ancient, intelligent birds, black as the blackest night, the crow is all about communication and free falling into the depths of groundlessness, without fear. The crow is never afraid to speak its mind, and has an intricate language all of its own. It is capable of mimicry and passing messages through groups regarding patterns of danger and reward. The… Read more →

Magpie Animal Totem

The magpie is a loud, powerful member of the corvid family, to which crows and ravens belong. Magpies differ in color in different regions, but are noted for their white and black contrasts, which invoke the balance and integration of of light and dark, and thus figure prominently in the mythologies of many indigenous cultures. In China and Korea, the… Read more →

Red Tail Hawk Animal Totem

  If the Red Tail Hawk has crossed your path, you have been blessed with a sign of great power and positivity. Hawks, in general are all about perspective; seeing things acutely from a distance, seeing the big picture and the details within in isolation. The hawk has such acute vision, it is an adept and swift hunter who enjoys… Read more →

Mourning Dove Animal Totem

Greetings from the Oracle all! Mourning Dove Animal Totem ♥ The Mourning Dove is a common yet powerful LOVE totem ♥ Doves are sacred to Aphrodite and a slew of other love goddesses around the world. Doves are a Heart Chakra spirit guide and they come around to ease your heart with their soft cooing. If you hear doves around… Read more →

Beaver Totem Animal

The Beaver is one of the first animals to awaken in the spring; a harbinger of warmth to come, and a reminder that there is much to do and energy to do it! ♥ Every spring, these surreally industrious and mighty rodents bend branches, uproot and mow down great trees, and spend hours upon hours pushing forward in their work… Read more →