Clam animal totem

♥ Clam animal totem ♥

It is very likely that each of us has been a clam once or many times in the evolution of the planet.

Clams are one of the first life forms from the primordial waters of earth.

These ancient creatures have staying power!

Clams are 510,000,000 years old on earth, and have a powerful digging foot and two muscles which allow them to open and close their shells.

They can live from one to 500 years and are closely related to scallops, mussels, and oysters.

The clam lives on the sandy bottom of fresh and salty bodies of water.

It pushes itself along with its foot, but does not have a head or eyes. It filters its food out of the water and its shell is self-formed by adding layers to the edge which then harden over time.

Native cultures used clam shells as decoration (Moche – Perú) and currency (Algonquian).

If this totem is resonating for you, then you are likely a clam totem soul.

You can live off of very little and are comfortable in the emotional realms (water).

You take your sustenance unobtrusively and restfully. You are a slow mover, but a decisive one.

Your environment nourishes you and you will move on if it does not.

You will gradually build up your home and resources.

You may also hold thoughts and dreams in gestation for a long time before acting on them.

You are highly sensitive to unseen emotional currents in your world.

You are patient and feel time in a way that others do not.

In love and sex, the clam is the embodiment of the ocean inside, but hard and discerning on the outside, holding the ability to open and close at their personal discretion. Once open, the clam is pure and vulnerable.When closed, the clam chooses to be impenetrable and will sooner be destroyed than forced open.

Clam totem people: you are blessed with the water energy spirit and have a special relationship with rain, rivers, and seas.

You create your own home and are self-sufficient at heart.

Enjoy and use the energies of this powerful ancient totem to remind you of your true nature and abilities. Clams are a worthy and exemplar expression of life energy in our ancient earth. Be proud clam people!

♥ In LOVE ♥ ~The Oracle