Year of the Fire Monkey, 2016!

Greetings from the Oracle!

It has been quite a while but the Oracle has been active, stirring the pot and learning much as fall came and brought winter to us. More animal totems to come!

Fast forward to 2-9-2015 and we have a powerful new moon which marks the lunar year of the Fire Monkey, in the Chinese tradition.

The monkey is intelligent and playful, so put your thinking cap on and keep it on, as your analytical and planning abilities will be enhanced by this fiery monkey energy! I did say playful, so do stay alert, as jokes and jokers will abound, keeping us alert and on our toes, and hopefully rolling with laughter!

In the Mayan traditions, monkeys are seen as generous, creative, gregarious and multi-talented. Monkey’s innocent curiosity serves to enhance willingness and skill in exploration, risk taking, and coming to creative solutions.The monkey is also seen as a patron deity of the arts:The monkey is not afraid to be different! Monkey people are also able to play at life and do not tend to take themselves too seriously, though they are successful without great stress. The playful edge of the monkey can lead to success in comedy, performance, and any public speaking. Monkeys have a short attention span and can lose interest in activities before their completion.

In the Chinese tradition, we see the monkey as associated with wealth and wisdom, and with the winds of change.

The oracle affirms that this year will indeed have a fast burning fiery pace to it, volatile finances and worldviews, a large dose of wisdom for all, and much need for quick reflexes and clever adaptation. This adaptation is not only in reaction to events, but also to how we determine which reality presented to us will we choose to accept. Sometimes we forget how the trickster spirit works, and we take too much of what we see at face value, as real. This monkey is a trickster, we must question what we see, and know that the transformative power of fire is part of how we will determine the pace of change. Also, many obstacles and concerns will burn away before we reach them.

Use the power of this new moon to set grand intentions for the year!

The sap of spring begins to awaken now, and in a fire monkey year, you can expect to be moving and shaking, so get ready to swing from the branches! This year will be a wild one!