Turtle Animal Totem

Red-Eared Slider TurtleShannon Hale, 2015

Turtle Animal Totem

The turtle is a powerful animal spirit guide. In many indigenous cultures around the world the turtle is the original mound of earth that emerges from the primordial waters to create land. Mother earth is the back of a great turtle, anchored in the four directions by its great paws, and in the three dimensions with its head, back, and tail.

In Africa, the turtle is a wise and powerful trickster and associated with the giving of color to the animals.

Creativity and longevity are key turtle powers in mythology from around the planet.

The turtle is also about patience and dogged persistence. The turtle carries its protection always, and can take its time, as running away is not its natural defense. Swimming, however is a turtle’s forte, thus signalling adept movement through emotional realms: A much needed quality among us humans. Turtle people are bound to the earth’s natural vibrations and are very sensitive. Turtles bring peace and a single path, cutting through the chaos of fast thought and movement. The turtle is complete in solitude and needs no company.

The turtle can live for a very long time, and is an elder of the animal world. A symbol of strength, resolve, and wisdom, the turtle is a portent of feminine power in Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas. Turtles have heightened senses and can bring clairvoyant or clairaudient qualities to those blessed with this totem.

When a turtle is flipped over, it is its powerful neck and head that it uses to right itself once again. This reminds us to use our heads to get out of unruly situations. Turtles remind us that if we take our time, everything that we need is indeed within reach, and surely provided.

Use the power of a turtle blessing to check your senses and make sure you are truly tuned in to what is going on around you. Because turtles imbue longevity, make sure that what you are working for and with is something that you want to last, and if its not, the recommendation from grandmother turtle is that you go back inside your shell and meditate on a truer path, knowing always that you are protected, and your path may meander slowly, but you will always arrive at your destination with all that you need.

♥ In LOVE ♥

  ~The Oracle