Spider Animal Totem

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Spider Animal Totem

Greetings from the Oracle! Spider mama energy is indeed upon us in this year of double 8s!

Eight legged beings suspended in the air, with eyes in the backs of their heads are able to dwell in two elements, earth and air, weave a web stronger than steel, and see 360 degrees around them. All of these qualities speak to the super powers of the spider totem. ♥

Spiders figure hugely in the mythology of most cultures. Anansi the spider had a magic cooking pot, an African trickster spirit, this male spider-god was wise but hasty.

The star of Inanna is an eight pointed star – also recalling the spider. Inanna went down to the underworld, shedding her veils as she went, she was transformed into abject death itself and rescued by flies, and returned to the world.

In Native American culture, the spider is the grandmother, a wise elder-creator being who links the ancestral past with the bright shining future. Use the spider to help you to be present and balance on your own web, never too much in the past, and never too much in the future.

Ancient beings, spiders are symbols of wisdom and of time itself. Weaving a web of time, weaving the destiny of man, the spider is an omen of a million opportunities, a million potential directions, and a million potential offspring or projects!

The spider is the guardian of the written word and can be called on for support in finishing writing projects and empowering expression. ♥

A wise friend reminded me recently that spiders weave their webs in the air and rely on the wind to blow them to their points of attachment. Do not be afraid to weave in the wind! You will surely be blown to a great spot to hold onto! The spider is also a master of balance and equilibrium.

I see great resilience in the spider, as its web is constantly destroyed and the spider does not lose tears over this fact, but gets right to weaving an even better one! The spider is the Queen of Detachment.

The spiral energy of the spider’s web and balanced body of eight legs cannot be denied. Ancient geometric power lives through this expression of Gaia. It is associated with the manifestation of the universal creative force and the order of the universe.

The spider can assist you in integrating new knowledge and experiences and overcoming recent heartbreak and trauma. The spider knows when and where to hide, and how to find a way out of almost any situation.

Call on the spider and thank those you see around you for their loving guidance in this year of double 8s.

♥ In LOVE♥