Lunar Eclipse in Libra, Full Blood Moon Oracle Guidance

15---RelationshipSuspiria | Gaia Earth Oracle

Saturday’s Full Blood Moon and Lunar eclipse bathed us in some powerful energies over the weekend, don’t you agree?

The Oracle urges us to pay special attention to relationships during the next two weeks leading to the New Moon on April 18th. The card presented for us is 15 – Relationship.

Using the most fundamental meaning of the word, we have a relationship of some sort with all things. And, energetically speaking, this is absolutely true.

Take time over the next two weeks to observe and nurture your relationships. Pay special attention to your relationship with yourself and all your selves. I say ‘all your selves,’  because usually there are facets of ourselves that we hide, ignore and even denounce. As long as we partake in this behavior we continue to experience shame and self-betrayal. Only by accepting and nurturing the relationship with ourselves can we eliminate self-deprecating factors and rise to our most beautiful potential.

All things are interconnected.