Beaver Totem Animal


The Beaver is one of the first animals to awaken in the spring;

a harbinger of warmth to come, and a reminder that there is much to do and energy to do it!

Every spring, these surreally industrious and mighty rodents bend branches, uproot and mow down great trees, and spend hours upon hours pushing forward in their work in the icy swollen waters of rivers, streams, and swampy areas.

It is not for nothing that the beaver is highly respected and admired by many Native American groups and is a common clan name:

The Beaver has hard won this admiration and comes to us now to reinforce our persistence and efforts to awaken and bring our projects forward in persistent joy.

If the beaver has made itself known to you, you are called to look at the Great Achievements of the less than mighty, the smaller, the overlooked.

The beaver brings us the message that persistence is more important than size or power.

The beaver does not waste daylight and is neither discouraged by large obstacles nor constant setbacks.

The beaver moves fluidly through water (emotion), propelled by a powerful and dexterous tail, which is structured much like a large leaf.

The beaver is an architect and chooses all aspects of its home; size, location, features.

The beaver also works in groups, one serving as a lookout for another as trees are being felled.

This means that the best work is done with support of community.

The admirable efficiency of beaver labor is the effect of their unshakeable drive and focus.

Their ability to withstand icy temperatures and to hold their breath for prolonged periods of time remind us that inclement and even anaerobic conditions can be overcome with sheer persistence and the skill imparted through evolution’s mysteries.

May we all feel the joy in persistence that this industrious Animal Spirit Guide brings us now.


  ♥ In LOVE ♥

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