Last Quarter Moon – Intuitive Oracle Card Guidance

21-JoySuspiria | Gaia Earth Oracle

On this Friday the 13th, The Oracle gave me 21-Joy, reminding us to notice the joy in our lives and to seek out joy for ourselves and others. Listen closely to what your heart wants and what your soul desires over the next week. We must make time for joyful activities and celebrations, taking time to enjoy these aspects of our journey.

The number 21 is a Fibonacci number, making it an important part of the golden spiral, seen in the Nautilus shell and throughout nature’s sacred geometry.

All of life is a miracle, find the joy in it over the next week as much of the Northern Hemisphere wakes from winter. The birds are chirping and the skunks are emerging from hibernation; Gaia is waking. What is she whispering to you?

Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.
-Marianne Williamson