Full Worm Moon – Oracle Card Guidance

The full moon appearing in March was referred to by Algonquin tribes from New England to Lake Superior as the Full Worm Moon, as the ground generally thaws in March and the worms return to the surface, bringing spring with them.

It’s also important to note that Chiron is prominent in the sky at this time. Chiron represents and reminds us of our deepest wounds. A full moon in Virgo and Chiron’s prominence in the sky will surely have us battling between our logical minds and our emotional bodies.

The Oracle has chosen a card for Universal guidance during the next week.

31-EastSuspiria | Gaia Earth Oracle

31. East

East is the direction we look to after the dark night to start receiving the healing rays of the sun once again. Looking to the East brings new beginnings; how appropriate on the Full Moon to release prior pain and prejudices and start anew.

On the Lakota medicine wheel, an Eagle sits in the East, signifying illumination. Animal totem wisdom notes that Eagles also bring stability and abundant harvests.

The number 31 is a centered triangular number, a centered pentagonal number and a centered decagonal number.  This means that the number 31 is strong with sacred geometries in addition to being a prime number. The number 31 helps you gain a positive and optimistic outlook and helps empower you to walk your unique path with confidence and grace. Be prepared for an expansion and development of your personal spirituality in new and exciting ways over the next week.