Welcome the trecena of Ak’bal/ Night…. Today is One Ak’bal

$_58Ixchel | Gaia Earth Oracle

Today is the day 1 Ak’bal, which means Night, in the Maya calendric system.

This day sign rules today and the twelve days that follow, so refer back to this post as you watch the energies of the trecena take their course, peaking on day 7 and flowing back down by day 13.

Ak’bal is darkness and mystery – Can you feel it with us now?

This sign is packed with these energies and more, here are just a few other details:

Ak’bal is the deepest void, where light is consumed in darkness marked by time.

This is a time of polarities; of opposing forces.

♥ Clarity and light also penetrate the darkness in this sign. ♥

♥ Renewal and new opportunities are supported. ♥

♥ Couples, love, matrimony and unions of two are supported. ♥

Ak’bal is not only darkness but also a penetrating ray of light.

This sign signifies Harmony, Truth, Hope, and Solemnity.

♥ In LOVE ♥