Mayan Day, 6 Ts’ikin/ Eagle

Today is the day 6 Ts’ikin (Eagle), according to the Mayan calendar.

The sign of the Eagle is a powerful call to perspective:

It brings the power of the hawk’s eye to reveal our realities and contexts from a great distance.

The Eagle unifies heaven and earth, also bringing stability and abundant harvests.

An excellent day for negotiation and mediation, the power of cautious acquisition is tempered by mutable air energies.

The number six brings structure and foundation: A sacred number which brings stability in six key areas of life: Health, Understanding, Work, Friendship, Material Possessions, Positive and Negative Actions.

Six was the number of the original place of raising up the sky, and has associations with the Rain God, Chac, and other celestial entities.

Enjoy the knowledge, ride the energies.

♥ In LOVE ♥

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