Animal totem wisdom, The Pelican

2014-06-09 001 142Ixchel | Gaia Earth Oracle

Pelicans are grandiose and powerful flyers, sailing on coastal headwinds; they are capable of flying so close to the water that the tips of their enormous wings practically touch the sea.

Among the many messages from the pelican are those of Persistence and Good Cheer:

The pelican persists in diving, time and time again, into the sea, with great force and exuberance.

The pelican may only catch a fish every now and again, perhaps only a fraction of the dives will be successful.

And the pelican persists.

And persists.

And cheerfully persists – never once judging the effort or begrudging the lacking success rate.

Pelican Totem Wisdom:

We must keep trying, always, and remain in great spirits even as we persist.

We must ride the headwinds.

We must fearlessly move across the water of our emotions, never resisting coming too close, or diving right in!

The pelican trusts in the abundance of the sea and the grace of its fabulously powerful wings.

 ♥  In LOVE ♥

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