February New Moon in Aquarius!

Tonight’s new Moon Moment is at 6:47pm EST in the United States. Do you feel like the intentions you set at the last New Moon fell short or were eclipsed by more pressing matters, like survival?

It’s very rare that we get two New Moons in succession that fall within the same sign, but today’s New Moon is still in Aquarius. Revisit things that got put on the back-burner last month, OR, If you’d rather not revisit the past, look forward and ask how you can be open to the bigger picture, how you can collaborate with someone like-minded, or perhaps you’re looking to adjust your path. There is no time like the present.

Here’s an Oracle Card Reading to guide you for the next week as the Light of the Aquarian Moon’s presence grows.

13-LoveSuspiria | Gaia Earth Oracle
The number 13 is a prime number, and also considered to be a Happy Number. Love certainly seems to make us happy. Or is it simply a chemical and experiential cocktail that makes us think we’re happy?

Remember that true happiness comes from loving yourself. Take time this week to love yourself and start new habits fostering health and prosperity. New years’ resolutions may not have stuck, but New Moon intentions have a way of coming back around again and again.