Greetings from the Oracle!

Semilla de diente de león

By Louise Docker from sydney, Australia (Natures Parachute), via Wikimedia Commons

The ancestors are strongly present with us as we move forward in 2015 and I am writing now to facilitate some preparation for new growth which is enabled on Saturday (1-24) as we enter into the 13 day cycle (trecena) of K’aat, or seed.

Saturday is One Seed in the Maya system, and thus opens 13 days of planting and generation, a fecund time to seed new projects and set intentions. This energy is present for 13 days and shades each with its power, as it “carries” time on its back.

K’aat is about EVOLUTION.
K’aat is about FREEDOM
K’aat is life essence itself, and holds no judgment.

Adding in our Mercury retrograde energies present until 2-11, the growth indicated here is inner growth, artistic growth, yin realization rather than yang outward efforts.
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