Year of the Wood Ram

visionary art by Isabel BrynaIsabel Bryna

Greetings and LOVE from Gaia  I have been ravenously studying Chinese astrology this a.m. in anticipation for the Chinese New Year (2-15-15). I am preparing to welcome the year of the Wood Ram! Wow.

So, this will surely be an action packed year. For starters, we are in double 8 territory, as the Ram is the eighth sign in the zodiac (corresponding with Gemini in the Western system). 2015 is also an 8 year, so this will surely be full of surprises, infinity, generation, re-generation, and mega-trickster magick!

The Wood element is key to growth, and can lead to overgrowth and depletion if the energy is not focused. I will add that this energy responds well to all nurturing and good soils, so build a strong foundation to grow this wood energy in the coming year! The Ram, also known as a Sheep, is a calm and strong sign, not a loud player but a strong one. endurance, calm, and vitality will rule the year, so do select the seeds you plant carefully, as immense growth will overtake any garden in your life. I will share more as I learn – if you enjoyed this post please share it on your page  In LOVE

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