Spider Animal Totem

Spider Animal Totem Greetings from the Oracle! Spider mama energy is indeed upon us in this year of double 8s! Eight legged beings suspended in the air, with eyes in the backs of their heads are able to dwell in two elements, earth and air, weave a web stronger than steel, and see 360 degrees around them. All of these… Read more →

Bumble Bee Animal Totem

Bumble Bee Animal Totem Buzz buzz! Spring is here and mother nature is hopping with qi, the flow of life. Bees are the great connector, crucial carriers of plant sexuality and the continuity of numerous species of plants and trees all over the planet. There have been ancient cults to the bees in Greece, Egypt, and Meso-America. Worshipped for the… Read more →

Cormorant Animal Totem

Cormorant Animal Totem Cormorants are magical diving birds whose bodies are more equipped to swim under water than to fly in the air. Known in ancient Latin and Germanic languages as  the “sea raven”, cormorants  make a presence in your life when it is time to overcome obstacles and see possibilities. The cormorant brings earth-bound sensibilities and an amazing ability… Read more →

Blackbird Animal Totem

If the blackbird has come into your life, you are in for a very productive spring and summer, as those are the blackbird’s most productive times of year. You will surely be able to deepen your connection with nature. You also may have an unexpected surprise. The blackbird takes about 12 days to build a nest, and it is the… Read more →

Groundhog Animal Totem

  Groundhog Animal Totem Groundhogs are from the marmot family and are also rodents. They are abundant across North America and are famous for announcing spring. The Abenaki had a guardian figure named Grandmother Woodchuck, who cared for their trickster hero, Glooskap. Her wisdom and love balanced the short-sighted impetuosity of her magical ward. Groundhogs are often overlooked as spirit… Read more →

Hawk Animal Totem

♥ Hawk Animal Totem ♥ The hawk is a powerful, sacred bird of prey which has been honored in many ancient cultures, most notably in Egypt, Mexico, Europe, and the Mediterranean. Sacred child of Isis and Osiris, in ancient Egypt, Horus, the Hawk represented the force of life itself. The Greek sun goddess Kirke (Homer’s Circe) was believed to be… Read more →

Robin Animal Totem

The robin is always a welcome sight in the springtime, a common and abundant migrator who arrives in the north to cue the beginning of the real spring thaw. Robins are about abundance, new projects, earth power, and root chakra grounding and aligning with the heart. The oval shape of the robin’s body communicates the power of the great cosmic… Read more →

Crow Animal Totem

Powerful, ancient, intelligent birds, black as the blackest night, the crow is all about communication and free falling into the depths of groundlessness, without fear. The crow is never afraid to speak its mind, and has an intricate language all of its own. It is capable of mimicry and passing messages through groups regarding patterns of danger and reward. The… Read more →

Magpie Animal Totem

The magpie is a loud, powerful member of the corvid family, to which crows and ravens belong. Magpies differ in color in different regions, but are noted for their white and black contrasts, which invoke the balance and integration of of light and dark, and thus figure prominently in the mythologies of many indigenous cultures. In China and Korea, the… Read more →

Red Tail Hawk Animal Totem

  If the Red Tail Hawk has crossed your path, you have been blessed with a sign of great power and positivity. Hawks, in general are all about perspective; seeing things acutely from a distance, seeing the big picture and the details within in isolation. The hawk has such acute vision, it is an adept and swift hunter who enjoys… Read more →