Bald Eagle Totem

The bald eagle is the largest raptor in North America, the greatest predator of the sky. Its white head and dark feathers are awe striking and unmistakable. As we all recall, animals are powerful energy workers and bringers of deep knowledge; teachers and balancers of human misalignment. A powerful totem in many cultures, a bald eagle brings great strength and… Read more →

Clam animal totem

♥ Clam animal totem ♥ It is very likely that each of us has been a clam once or many times in the evolution of the planet. Clams are one of the first life forms from the primordial waters of earth. These ancient creatures have staying power! Clams are 510,000,000 years old on earth, and have a powerful digging foot and… Read more →

Sparrow animal totem

Sparrow Animal Totem Well my lovelies, spring has indeed sprung and this totem is here to bring you powerful self love, teamwork, and intense productivity. This post has been a long time coming! The persistence of one sweet sparrow family has shaded my days with sparrow energy ever since the first leaves of spring arrived. I wanted to ignore the… Read more →

Fly Animal Totem

Fly Animal Totem Greetings from the Oracle! It has been a while but you are not forgotten…. today the fly comes to us. Although one of the yuckier totems, they have their magic, and flies rule the day today! The first story I will tell gives the fly its true place of reverence. Way back in Sumerian times we worshiped… Read more →

Hummingbird Animal Totem

Hummingbird Animal Totem ♥The hummingbird is EVERYONE’S favorite signal that summer is in full bloom ♥ Known in Spanish as a honey-sucker, the hummingbird is an amazing creature, some even migrate from the tropics all the way to Alaska each year, living off of the nectar of flowers. In Aztec tradition, the hummingbird was the animal counterpart of the god… Read more →

Turkey Animal Totem

Turkey Animal Totem The Turkey is a symbol of forest abundance and Gaia’s ever-loving support for humans in the wild. Sacred to the Navajo and many eastern tribes, the turkey helped to make the earth and brought corn in many traditions. Turkey feathers figured prominently in cloaks and headdresses of many native cultures of the Americas. In one myth, the… Read more →

Deer Animal Totem

Deer Animal Totem The deer is a powerful animal spirit guide. It is especially relevant here in the Americas, as it has its own Mayan and Aztec day signs, and the Huichol culture, among many others, celebrates special deer dances, meditations, and spirit invoking journeys. Key knowledge and powers of the Deer are silence, symbiosis with nature, powerful grounding on… Read more →

Rabbit Animal Totem

Rabbit Animal Totem The rabbit has been a symbol of fertility and abundance for eons. The ancients of Mexico and the Japanese saw a rabbit in the moon, thus a lunar presence and guardian. In Greek mythology, the rabbit was associated with the great triple goddess of magic and the night, Hecate, who holds her lamp at the crossroads, lighting… Read more →

Turtle Animal Totem

Turtle Animal Totem The turtle is a powerful animal spirit guide. In many indigenous cultures around the world the turtle is the original mound of earth that emerges from the primordial waters to create land. Mother earth is the back of a great turtle, anchored in the four directions by its great paws, and in the three dimensions with its… Read more →

Frog Animal Totem

Frog Animal Totem Hello spring! And hello amphibians! Frogs are a lovely totem, primordial wonder beings, near and dear to the Oracle’s HEART Frogs are in their power in or near water, and have the amazing ability to nuzzle under the mud and hibernate all winter long.We are greeted with their calls and the nostalgia of seasons past as spring… Read more →